About Us

A Trusted UK Brand

Unlike the big brand-focused PR agencies, we don't hand off your case off to a junior account manager.

You are just a few clicks away from taking back control over how you are perceived and telling the story of your life from your perspective. Online reputation management is both a science and an art – and if you ask our happy customers, it may also be magic.

FixMy.Digital was born from a family member being driven to the brink of despair by a historic conviction standing in the way of making a living and living in peace. Within months of applying the FMD strategy, they got their life back and were able to rebuild their future. We are here to do the same for you.

The Team

Public Relations Expert

Dealing in all things media and strategy, our PR queen uses all the tips and tricks of the trade to increase your public profile.


From GDPR to right to privacy, our experienced lawyer has an eye on every case and is responsible for more stubborn removal requests.

Recruitment Specialist

The trends, red flags and dog whistles of recruitment to support your next career move is our recruiter's passion.

Content Writers & SEO Specialists

We fight fire with fire. We work with Google to index the new content we'll create for you - optimised for SEO.

Website Developers

A dedicated website is the cornerstone of personal branding and we have a staff of website developers ready to create your home on the internet.

Graphic Designers

Websites, articles and text of all sort rank well on Google. Pictures, videos, PDFs and other file types are a hidden secret weapon to take control of search engine rankings.

A true second chance

After my arrest, the press swirling around my name was one of the worst things. All I wanted was to protect my family from the scandal. Clearing my name wasn’t just about me, it was instrumental to giving my family some peace after a terrible emotional storm.

Sales Executive, Berkshire