Case Study: Historical Accusations of Misconduct

Creative Director,

Accusations of misconduct raised by acquaintance from school, decades ago

In light of positive publicity around the Creative Director’s first internationally recognised success, an acquaintance from school published accusations of misconduct on a personal blog, ranking well on Google and affecting the Creative Director’s reputation and future opportunities.


Brand Assessment

  • Multiple professional references on the websites of previous clients and projects
  • Public social media pages mixing business and personal
  • Outdated personal website with portfolio
Google Dominance on First Page

5/10 professional, externally managed
3/10 owned
2/10 unfavourable


Negative Content Removal Strategy

Erasure request of blog post at source and in the meantime, removal from search engines

Google Search Results Dominance Strategy

  • Updating of professional website¬†
  • Creating SEO optimised blog for own website and two external websites dedicated to past projects
  • Creating increased functionality on website, such as instant consultation booking
  • Personal website showcasing passion project
  • Consulting on incorporating own company
  • Bookings for podcast interviews and multiple YouTube appearances
  • Numerous media interviews
  • Guidance on creating an online course for aspiring creative directors in the cultural management industry
  • Registration with professional industry directories and relevant associations
Media and PR
  • Pitches featuring previous collaborators and impact of past projects
  • Media interviews and name mentions after establishing strong professional reputation