Case Study: Domestic Violence Claims in Business Reviews

Hospitality Manager,

After a volatile relationship, the Hospitality Manager's self-catering vacation property suffered a campaign of bad reviews.

The Hospitality Manager has requested the removal of these reviews but every time one gets erased, a new one is published.


Brand Assessment

  • One regional newspaper reporting on court caseĀ 
  • Cottage website and listings
  • TripAdvisor review with damning title
  • Social media profiles
Google Dominance on First Page

1/10 damaging news coverage
7/10 owned profiles
2/10 irrelevant


Negative Content Removal Strategy

This case necessitated a dual approach, with the Hospitality Manager analysing the root cause of the negative sentiment and exploring available solutions to address it. We examined various scenarios and provided advice on resolving the conflict with his former partner's family. Once all other alternatives were explored without success, we prepared a legal letter, warning of potential criminal and civil consequences if the behavior persisted. Subsequently, we took measures to remove the unfavorable content from the internet.

Google Search Results Dominance Strategy

  • Updating professional website for vacation rental with booking and live chat functionality
  • Creating personal website
  • Creating SEO optimised blog for own website and two external websites dedicated to past work projects
  • Overhaul and optimisation of social profilesĀ 
  • Personal blog showcasing passion project
  • JustGiving page raising money for charity through themed charity dinners
  • Updating details on hospitality websites
  • Registering for Scottish business pages
  • Creating a website for the region, listing hospitality businessesĀ 
Media and PR
  • Campaign requesting reviews from guests after stay to increase number of legitimate reviews on Google and TripAdvisor
  • Interview on foreign travel blogs advertising Shetland as a travel destination