Case Study:
Family member's History Impacting Career


A family member's history impacting their loved one's career

The Academic’s husband’s juvenile conviction has never been an issue for the self-employed boat builder, but has become an obstacle to the Academic’s standing in a new department.


Brand Assessment

  • Multiple academic entries and journal articles
  • Student message board entries regarding husband’s conviction
  • LinkedIn and Twitter pages
Google Dominance on First Page

3/10 owned
6/10 professionally relevant
1/10 damaging content


Negative Content Removal Strategy

De-listing unfavourable content from search engines while working with the data controller to remove content at source

Google Search Results Dominance Strategy

  • Creation of professional website showcasing field of study and publication
  • Claiming profiles on professional academic sites and update details
  • Additional website for husband’s bespoke boat building business
Media and PR
  • 10 pitches translating the Academic’s research into culturally interesting formats