Case Study: Former MLM Affiliation

Personal Trainer,
East Midlands

Past affiliation with a Multi-Level Marketing Scheme (MLM) that has been revealed to be a scam

The Personal Trainer has in the past – in good faith – promoted an MLM that promised to be a viable side income opportunity. Having used social media platforms to advertise the business, the Trainer now struggles to rebuild trust and credibility after earning a PT certification.


Brand Assessment

  • Multiple news articles and blog posts about the MLM being revealed as a scam, citing the PT as a driver for friends and family losing money
  • Public social media pages
  • Promotional material for the MLM
  • Staff listing at gym as Personal TrainerĀ 
Google Dominance on First Page

6/10 damaging coverage
4/10 owned or relevant profiles


Negative Content Removal Strategy

Removal of negative Facebook content
Erasure requests sent to all negative content from other publishing platforms and in the meantime, de-listing off search engines

Google Search Results Dominance Strategy

  • Creating professional website with booking functionality and introductory offer for new clients
  • Campaign to gather Google reviews from happy clients
  • Personal website showcasing certification and path to PT
  • Professional social media profiles, in addition to personal ones set to private
  • Creating SEO optimised blog for own website and an additional website dedicated to Personal Training for specific life stages
  • Personal blog showcasing passion project
  • JustGiving page raising money for charity through running challenge
  • Registration with professional industry directories and relevant associations
Media and PR
  • Two name placements and backlinks to introductory offer
  • Interviews with online publications
  • Collaboration with gym to widen exposure on social media