Case Study: Increase Visibility Leveraging New Client's High Profile

Product Manager,

Leveraging the high profile of a new client to increase visibility

Tech start-up Product Manager foresees company acquisition in the next year and wants to leverage the high profile of a new client to increase their own visibility to secure new partnerships.


Brand Assessment

  • 1 business website and curated Instagram content
  • Public personal social media profiles
  • Two interviews in online publications about the tech start-up
Google Dominance on First Page

4/10 owned
3/10 professionally relevant content
3/10 irrelevant


Negative Content Removal Strategy

No removal necessary

Google Search Results Dominance Strategy

  • Creating a professional website showcasing mission, education and passion for solving problems with tech
  • Overhaul of social media profiles modelled on individuals the Product Manager wants to be compared to
  • PR campaign to speak on podcasts and share career path and lessons from working with high profile client
Media and PR
  • Preparations of 25 pitches for articles in national and international publications, focusing on name recognition and visibility¬†
  • Identification of 50 online publications and podcasts aligned with the Product Manager’s mission