Case Study: Increasing Profile for Union Rep

Union Representative,

Social activist working locally looking to run for regional union council but lacking profile

Local union representative with common name and no pubic persona requires higher profile in order to campaign for regional union council seat.


Brand Assessment

  • Various private social media accounts with public posts dating back nearly a decade
  • 2 name mentions in local publication
Google Dominance on First Page

3/10 owned
2/10 professionally relevant content
5/10 irrelevant


Negative Content Removal Strategy

Overhaul of social media profiles

Google Search Results Dominance Strategy

  • Creating a professional website showcasing mission, education and passion for solving problems¬†
  • Blog articles for local union body website linking to website and one social media platform
  • PR campaign to increase name recognition in the region amongst union members
Media and PR
  • Preparations of 15 pitches for articles in local, regional and industry related publications