Case Study:
No Reference Redundancy

Project Manager,

Following personal issues with a new superior, the Project Manager is let go without a reference

The qualified Project Manager has been working at the same construction company, a family business, for eight years after graduating. After personal issues with the superior, the PM is made redundant without being able to use the firm as a reference for future employers. 


Brand Assessment

  • Private social media pages
  • Team sport achievements at university
Google Dominance on First Page

3/10 owned pages
2/10 outdated information
5/10 irrelevant


Negative Content Removal Strategy

The old articles referring to league sports at university don't have to be removed, as they are not negative. Once intentional content is removed, the links will be pushed to page two or three of Google and if anyone goes as far to see them, they offer a picture of a well-rounded individual.

Google Search Results Dominance Strategy

  • Professional website with portfolio and blog about Project Management in the construction industry
  • Personal website showcasing certifications and biography
  • Optimised LinkedIn page
  • Personal blog showcasing passion project
  • Registration with professional industry directories and relevant associations
Media and PR
  • Interview with regional newspaper on residential developments in Devon
  • Volunteering in the Alumni Network of Almer Mater to talk to students about career as Project Manager (name placement on university website, interview in student union podcast and mentions in event listings)