Case Study:
Removal of Personal Information

Tech Founder,

With increased visibility, the Oxfordshire Tech Founder is increasingly confronted with personal details available on the internet

Having grown up in the digital era, many pictures and trivial information about the Tech Founder’s childhood are available on the internet, as his mother was an early family lifestyle blogger. 


Brand Assessment

  • Business website
  • Multiple tech-focused interviews in online publications
  • Mother’s blog posts, social media posts, guest blogs and forum entries with multi-media files strewn across the internet
Google Dominance on First Page

5/10 owned
4/10 external professional listings
1/10 relating to childhood


Negative Content Removal Strategy

With permission of the Founder's mother, hundreds pieces of content had to be erased, unlinked and removed from the public eye.

Google Search Results Dominance Strategy

  • Creation of a personal website with focus on career path and mission
  • Social media profiles modelled on role-models in the same industry
  • Claiming profiles on professional membership sites and industry pages
Media and PR
  • 20 pitches to international online publications focusing on thought leadership in the tech industry