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Our packages are tailored specifically to fast-track achieving your personal branding goals.

Influencing search result rankings and online content removal takes time. Unlike our competitors, we don’t drag out the process to charge you ongoing fees. We set everything into motion within days of taking on your case and aim to clear your image within three to six months.

Our competitors charge multiples of our prices while only delivering a fraction of the value we offer. 

Mission &

We are data holders with the ICO and are subject to all GDPR and privacy laws of the UK. 

Your sensitive data, such as address and contact details, will never be downloaded to machines that leave our secure premises.

If required, we provide a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

All of the information you provide to us to distribute will be clearly marked as non-confidential.

We do not hold your payment or card details.

Our in-house lawyer oversees every case and provides guidance.

Each case is different and requires an individual approach. 
We expect to move the needle within the first month, populate Google search results with favourable content by month three, and display a tailor-made public image by month six.

Some cases are tougher, especially if the negative press is very recent or of public interest. In these cases, we work a tandem approach of legal measures and broader content distribution. 

We will need to get to know you, what you want your public image to be, what you want to be known for and what you have done in the past that you are proud of. 

Part of our “Post-Crisis” Package is a “hobby blog”, a non-professional public blog about something you enjoy and want to share with the world or at least don’t mind coming up for your name. Good examples are hobbies that lend themselves to visual representation, such as cooking, hiking, crafting, cars or similar. 

We will ask you for pictures of yourself and any achievements you are willing to share. Our graphic designers will create professional headshots and other sharable images from your pictures.

We can guarantee that we will execute on our content strategy and publish and circulate all posts as outlined in our package description. 

We can also guarantee that we will apply ourselves to every individual case and will implement all legal measures within our power. 

Additionally, we guarantee that we will consult with every client should we not see the results we hope for in the expected timeframe and will propose additional strategies, including lifestyle guidance.

Our services are 100% confidential and we will interact with every client as it suits them best. 

We provide weekly updates via email. If you prefer not to receive updates from our office email address, we can contact you using a Gmail address, simply check the relevant box during onboarding.

We will invoice as a nondescript service company (FMD Services) to keep our real services confidential from all third parties. 

  • Recent news articles and information of special public interest 
  • Content from .gov.uk sites
  • Stories that have gone viral and are being picked up by international publications

Some nuts are tougher to crack than others but we don’t shy away from difficult cases. We use all the PR and legal measures at our disposal to achieve a positive outcome. Timeframes may vary.

We invite our clients to be as hands-on or hands-off as they please after the initial onboarding. During onboarding, we will discuss goals and ideal outcomes and thereafter every client can give as much or as little input into the content schedule as they see fit.