The process

Measurable Results

Can you quantify the value of all the doors that remain closed to you because of the unfavourable search results that appear for your name? Can you imagine the combined monetary worth of all the opportunities that may come knocking if you position yourself as a leading expert in your profession? Of course not. 

You can get back your life and create a future of your own choosing. 

Leverage our expertise and allow us to help you take back control over your online presence and how you are perceived by others. Give yourself the gift of freedom from negative search results. Invest in your future and take back your life. You are in safe hands with our team of a PR expert, a lawyer, a recruiter, as well as content writers, SEO specialists, website developers and graphic designers. You are not alone. We can help.

Public Image Assessment

The search results displayed on Google's first page chiefly shapes your online image.

Content Removal

With the right strategy and tools, most online content can be removed or scrubbed.

Digital Audit & Restructuring

A personal brand is successful if what others perceive matches what you say about yourself.

Content Creation
& Circulation

Linking your name to what is important to you, shapes your reputation constructively.

Media Relations
& Promotion

Strategic name placements support the credibility of your authority in any subject area.

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clients helped to cultivate a positive personal brand

The Roadmap

Take the free assessment

Submit your name and email address and you will receive a link to a multiple choice assessment (5-15 questions, depending on your circumstances). The results are immediate and offers you a cost estimate tailored to your goals.


During an initial consultation (ideally via phone but we can also do this via email), we will talk about your goals in more detail.


We will create a bespoke content removal and personal branding strategy to give you the digital footprint you desire.

Negative content removal

Our first priority is the removal of any content that is negatively affecting you. Using a range of tools and techniques, we strive to deliver thorough results as efficiently as possible and provide regular updates throughout the process.

Negative content suppression

When complete removal of negative content is not feasible, search engine suppression replaces harmful content with positive online assets, strengthening your online image. By pushing negative content off prominent search pages, it becomes virtually invisible, gradually diminishing its online visibility until it disappears from Google entirely. Remember, 75% of searchers don't go beyond the first page of Google's search results, and more than 28% click on the first result every time.

Personal branding

We build a polished and professional online identity that showcases your best attributes, making it easy for others to find and reinforcing your positive reputation. Our team specializes in strategic personal branding and promotion to elevate your personal brand and increase your online visibility.