Life After an Arrest for Viewing Indecent Images of Children

Facing the aftermath of an arrest for viewing indecent images of children is an incredibly challenging and distressing experience. For British men in this situation, navigating the complex emotions that arise can be overwhelming. Society’s perception of individuals like us changes drastically, as we are viewed both as potential risks to our own children and as wolves in sheep’s clothing to others. The burden of secrecy weighs heavily, preventing us from seeking support and guidance. However, amidst the chaos, there is one aspect we can control – our reputation. While what others know is only a small piece of the puzzle, controlling what others know about the situation can be the answer to protecting your family and career

Understanding the Emotional Turmoil

The aftermath of an arrest for viewing indecent images of children often leads to a rollercoaster of emotions, including shame, guilt, and despair. It is important to acknowledge and process these feelings, recognising the impact they have on our well-being.

The Stigma and Its Impact

Being labelled as a potential threat to our own children and society places us in an incredibly difficult position. The fear of judgment from family, friends, and colleagues can be overwhelming, compelling us to keep this painful secret buried within us. However, isolation and silence only perpetuate the negative impact on our mental health.

The Role of Online Reputation Management

While we cannot change the past or what has happened, we can take proactive steps to manage our online reputation. In today’s digitally connected world, our online presence plays a significant role in shaping public opinion. In many cases, online reputation management companies can remove all traces of an arrest and charge from search engines, giving those affected the chance to rebuild their lives without being tarred with the same brush as violent sex offenders. While we will be subject to notification requirements and potentially the restrictions of a Sexual Harm Prevention Order (SHPO), a clean online reputation allows us to work, provide for our families and protect them from the worst fallout.

By actively addressing our online reputation, we can present a more accurate and fair representation of ourselves, showcasing our growth and efforts towards rehabilitation. A clean online slate not only enables us to move forward but also helps in fostering a supportive environment that acknowledges our commitment to personal and societal betterment.

Seeking Professional Assistance

Navigating the complexities of online reputation management may seem daunting. Engaging the services of professional reputation management experts can provide invaluable support. These experts possess the knowledge and expertise to guide us in rebuilding our online reputation, highlighting our efforts towards personal development and reintegrating positively into society.

Building a Positive Online Presence

Rebuilding trust and demonstrating a commitment to personal growth is crucial. Creating a positive online presence involves engaging in constructive activities such as volunteering, pursuing educational endeavours, or joining support groups that help address the underlying issues that led to our arrest. Sharing these experiences on social media or personal blogs can humanise our journey and showcase our dedication to change.

Transparency with Loved Ones

Breaking the silence and opening up to loved ones can be terrifying, but it is a necessary step toward healing. By explaining the situation honestly and sharing our efforts to rebuild our lives, we give those closest to us an opportunity to understand and support our journey. Family and friends who stand by us during this challenging period can provide the emotional strength we need to move forward.

Focusing on Personal and Professional Growth

While the journey may be long and arduous, it is essential to remain focused on personal and professional growth. Engaging in therapy or counselling can help address the underlying issues that contributed to our actions, fostering a path of rehabilitation and self-improvement. Exploring new career avenues or upgrading skills can also demonstrate our commitment to reintegrating positively into society.


Rebuilding lives after an arrest for viewing indecent images of children is undoubtedly a difficult journey. The weight of societal judgment and the need for secrecy can feel overwhelming. However, by embracing online reputation management as a tool to shape public perception positively, we can take control of a crucial aspect of our lives. Remember, it is within our power to focus on personal growth, seek professional assistance, and nurture support networks that will contribute to our journey of redemption and a brighter future for ourselves and our loved ones.