Content Creation

Take charge of what others can find out about you online

A Google search is the first port of call for new friends, coworkers, and employers seeking information about you. Our individual branding services ensure that when people search for your name, your values, standout qualities, and notable accomplishments take centre stage.

Your personal website

A website ( or similar) is the digital home of all your achievements, ventures and values.

Third party websites endorsing your endevours and expertise

Depending on your goals, we will create content and digital assets aligned with your values to showcase who you are.

What kind of content elevates your public image?

Based on your goals and desired public image, we will create a content strategy that reflects your values and personal or professional mission. Allowing people to find only what you have approved, creates a cohesive, favourable image.

What ranks well on search engines?

Search engines index based on sophisticated algorithms. There are many things to consider, including domain authority, number of links to and from a page and file type. Pictures and videos typically rank well, as do newspaper articles.

What do you stand for and what is important to you?

The kind of search results that appear for your name will influence how you are perceived. If you are interested in a polished professional image, guest posts on relevant topics and quotes from you in authoritative articles are important.

What do you want people to know about you?

A curated and intentional digital footprint is a vital tool in privacy and data management. By controlling what others can find about you, you can keep the things you want to remain private out of the public eye.