Digital Footprint Analysis

An online reputation management strategy is a roadmap from where you are to where you want to be

Before we can start plotting to achieve your online reputation goals, we have to ascertain how you are currently positioned. We call this analysing your digital footprint.

Content you have previously published

Old blog articles, social media posts, forum entries and outdated websites

Content that has been published about you

News coverage, articles published by employers, clubs, educational and governmental institutions

What is your name associated with?

A quick scan of the type of links coming up for your name very quickly paints a picture of what people will associate with you. This will inform our strategy and serve as starting point for your online reputation roadmap towards your desired public image.

What are the risks or vulnerabilities?

We have seen every kind of unfavourable content and the methods we employ for content removal are tailored to suit the specific type of content, its location, and the duration of its presence online. Our assessment also includes risk factors for possible future vulnerabilities.

How long does the removal take?

The time required for each removal request varies based on its unique circumstances. Some solutions can be completed quickly, in weeks, while others may take several months due to legal processes, negotiations, and other factors.

What if content can't be removed from the source?

In cases where removal is not possible, a content suppression campaign is your best option. By pushing negative content off prominent search pages, it gradually diminishes and becomes virtually invisible.