Media Relations
& Promotion

What others write about you shouldn't be an accident

Interviews, quotes and name placements in online media and publication outlets can be arranged proactively and intentionally.

Media relations

We are connected to a network of journalists who may be interested in referencing your achievements, knowledge or endeavours.


Testimonials and endorsements from third parties relating to your field of expertise or past activities increases your credibility.

How can media relations shape your online reputation?

Positive media representation through media coverage and name mentions can enhance your credibility, visibility, and overall perception in online spaces, influencing how others perceive and interact with your personal brand.

How can you ensure positive media coverage?

By effectively communicating your unique value proposition, engaging with media professionals proactively, and crafting compelling stories and pitches, you can increase the likelihood of securing positive media coverage.

How do you measure the impact of media relations efforts?

Various metrics such as media mentions, audience reach, website traffic, social media engagement, sentiment analysis, and tracking key performance indicators aligned with your goals allows us to assess the effectiveness of your media relations.

Why is media relations the last step in the strategy?

By prioritizing and managing your online reputation first, you can ensure that the information journalists find about you online aligns with your desired narrative, enhancing the chances of positive media coverage.