Negative Content Removal

Remove what doesn't serve you from the public eye

Content removal is an important strategy in online reputation management because it helps you maintain a positive digital image, protect your personal and professional interests, and regain control over your online narrative.

Content removal and data erasure

All types of content, including articles, blogs, reviews, images, videos, and social media posts can be removed.

Search result suppression and dilution

In cases where content cannot be removed at the source, or the removal takes time, we suppress content from appearing in search results.

What types of content can be removed?

Due to European privacy laws, such as the Right to be Forgotten, most content can be removed from the internet. We have successfully removed newspaper articles, social media content and publicly available multimedia file types.

How long does the content removal process take?

Each removal request varies depending on its complexity, legal considerations, negotiation processes, and communication requirements, with some solutions being resolved within days or weeks and others potentially taking several months.

What are the legal options for removing content?

Our experts are familiar with all aspects of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), and Google Terms of Service violations, as well as defamation and cyberbullying legislation.

How does the cost of content removal services vary?

The authority of the source publishing the content in question, as well as the legal angles available, dictate the strategies open to us to remove the negative content. The time necessary to erase each piece of content may vary.