Personal Brand Management

Humans are wired for story

A cohesive narrative tying together all aspects of your digital image makes a powerful first impression.

Aspirational & real

Based on your goals, life path and vision, we craft a narrative of the mission you want to share with the world. We share a real reflection of your life and aspirations in the most favourable fashion.

Optimised for human readers and the algorithm

The algorithms governing search engines and social media platforms are responsible for showing or suppressing content. Our approach is to optimise all digital assets for these algorithms to ensure that they may be displayed for our intended audiences.

How can you create a cohesive narrative for your image?

We will discuss your biography, career, values, goals and aspirations in our initial consultation and identify a handful of main threads you wish to communicate. From there, we select the platforms most suitable for each and create content.

How can personal branding positively impact your career?

Positioning yourself as an authority in your field can attract new opportunities, such as job offers, partnerships, and speaking engagements, while also fostering trust and credibility among employers, clients, and colleagues.

How can personal branding help you stand out?

Personal branding can help you stand out by showcasing your unique strengths, expertise, and values, establishing you as a distinctive and memorable presence in your industry or field, build credibility, and attract opportunities.

Can a cohesive narrative convey all aspects of your life?

An intentional narrative can provide a framework to convey key aspects of your life, such as your values, experiences, achievements, and aspirations. It is a selective representation and may not capture every single detail of your life.